Our founder, Harry Kaloshi,1939-2012, arrived by plane to America in 1962, under the status of political refugee from the communist hoxha regime in Albania, and he settled on the Lower East Side of New York where he loved the pickles and pastrami. After securing a job as a dishwasher at the still existing “coffee shop,” in Union Square, he eventually advanced to head teller at manufacturers Hanover… eventually, he educated himself at Long Island University and read the English dictionary at night to learn vocabulary. A truly self made man, he graduated LIU and enrolled in Columbia’s masters program for economics.

He founded Kaloshi Realty in the early 1970s and used the same principles he had learned on the Albanian farm to make his business work. He didn’t care how small a deal was. He felt joy in helping people establish their own businesses. But he also made many big deals. People trusted him and he was a terrific bridge between knowing what both the landlord and the tenant needed to succeed. Always compassionate to the tenant, he succeeded in renting literally hundreds of stores for landlords and selling many houses and buildings. People enjoyed his forthrightness….. Often his language was peppered with wonderful old proverbs such as “let the dogs bark, the caravan continues,” and “don’t cook the rabbit til the hunter’s home from the mountain.” He knew how to cooperate with people to make good things happen and he handpicked Javed Iqbal to work as broker at Kaloshi.


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815 Rogers Ave.

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$1,800,000 - Commercial


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1900 2 Bathrooms

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